About me

In the mid-1980s, a dream came true for a music-loving teenager: a recording studio you could actually afford – the Tascam Porta One!

Well, the possibility of multitrack recording on a standard music cassette was certainly a small revolution, but in truth, you still had to deal with the teething troubles of this technology most of the time. It all got better as the quality of the equipment improved, but soberly speaking, I simply could not afford a tape machine or associated equipment and therefore had to rely on their distant relatives to immortalise my musical ventures in various bands. However, all the technical obstacles only encouraged me to further evolve from being a musician (keys, guitar) to becoming a technician.

Just at the right time, I was offered the opportunity to enter the live business. With the help of experienced sound people, I got to know the relevant audio equipment and was responsible for the sound quality at legit mixing desks at several hundred events in the course of many years. Working with a lot of different artists and having to adjust to different requirements (and personalities) over time was as exciting as it was challenging, and I quickly learned to stay calm under pressure and to behave professionally at all times while of course maintaining consistent high quality – because, as we all know, there is no second chance when you are in the middle of a live event.

Meanwhile, my studies in electrical engineering provided me with a suitable academic foundation for my work. By choosing hearing aids as the subject of my diploma thesis, I was also able to add valuable insights into the peculiarities of human hearing to my growing skills as an audio engineer.

In the meantime, I gained experience in various recording studios, updated my knowledge on the use of modern audio software, and was subsequently employed as a sound engineer. But at that point, it was already clear to me that eventually I wanted to work in my own studio.

Of course, today I no longer work on a Tascam four-track tape recorder in my bedroom.

Quality is my theme. That is why I created an optimal working environment in my recording studio, based on professional acoustic planning by specialised engineers, incorporating a high-quality monitoring system that was tuned to my control room by the manufacturer himself.

Quality is my theme, but music was my first love. What drives me is the passion for music that inspires and touches; and I am convinced that every song is worthy of unfolding its full potential. And the best contribution I can make is an uncompromisingly high-quality mix – because I am a mixing engineer, and quality matters.